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Pingtung Christian Bethany Home (PCBH) is a Multi-Element Designed Residential Rehabilitation and Care Facilities for people with Intellectual Disabilities
PCBH was founded by a Norwegian missionary Rev. Ardulf Solvoll in 1963.
The word “Bethany” comes from a Greek word Βηθανiα meaning “ the shelter for the miseries.”

PCBH is located in a rural area in Southern Taiwan. Over the past 42 years, with the love and strength of God and supports from the local public and overseas sponsors, we have overcome numerous obstacles, and difficulties in serving hundreds of people with disabilities to get hope and living opportunities.

Today PCBH is recognised as a Multi-Element Designed Residential Rehabilitation and Care Institution, caring and educating 152 residents, age from 6 to 48 of intellectual and multiple disability individuals. The service to residents including living skills training, psychological counseling, providing rehabilitation treatment, vocational training, job replacement and fund subsiding and enhancing the adaptability to the community.