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Nursing And Rehabilitation Services

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Nursing Care Services
Providing care for some of society's most vulnerable patients, group homes give the intellectual disabilities a safe place to live and receive the attention they need. Nursing services help take care of residents’ daily needs.

In PCBH, a Certified Nurse Assistant acts as the primary caregiver and assists with daily needs. These include cleaning or bathing residents, helping them use the bathroom, getting them dressed, and assisting with personal hygiene such as brushing hair and teeth. They also serves meals to residents in their rooms helps them eat in the dining room. For patients who are bedridden or have mobility problems, the Certified Nurse reposition the patient in bed or helps resident move from the bed to a chair or wheelchair.

Certified Nurses take on other duties, among them recording resident histories and listening to their concerns and questions, passing them along to the social worker. A certified Nurse monitors residents’ vitals such as blood pressure, temperature and pulse rate. In some case, CN will dispense medication to residents as well. Additional tasks involve leading residents’ field trips, planning on-site activities and assisting with physical therapy.  

Rehabilitation Services

1.Providing residents of PCBH on-site Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and Speech-Language therapy.

2.Rehabilitation Services is responsible for providing residents with any equipment for daily living that is required to meet these needs. Occupational therapist and Social work services can work together to see if residents qualify for government support by having what is known as ‘eligible needs’.