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Passing the torch

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By the last years of Rev. & Mrs. Solvoll’s work in Taiwan, PCBH had developed into a ministry that cared for both the underprivileged and for the society. As the ministry expanded, the burden of finance and management also increased. Due to heavy responsibilities that Rev. Solvoll carried, his body took the toll. In 1981, Rev. Solvoll had to go back to Norway due to a severe condition of stomach ulcer. After a year of break and intense medical care, he returned to work and engaged into the ministry right away. During that time, he gradually handed over the responsibilities of the ministry to the Taiwanese management. When the support from Norway and the US started to lessen, the local donations increased, and the Taiwanese government also assumed more responsibility.

In 1983, the 69-year old Mrs. Solvoll left Taiwan. For 15 years she had unselfishly served a large group of people with love, providing for their daily living and spiritual needs. It was so hard for all the coworkers, helpers, children with poliomyelitis or intellectual disabilities to say goodbye to her at the farewell party.

About six months later, the 76-year old Rev. Solvol also retired and returned to his hometown. This Founder of Bethany had set his roots and nurtured the ministry at PCBH for 22 years. After so many years of sacrificial service, he was physically frail by that time and could no longer attend meetings as he had before.

   For the following years, Mr. and Mrs. Solvoll enjoyed a peaceful retirement in Norway. On 19th of November 2001, Rev. Solvoll passed away. He had fought the good fight and was now resting in the arms of the Lord forever.

The Legacy of Rev. Arnulf Solvoll 

 This seed was planted in the soil. For the following 22 years, it became a big tree to

shelter the poor. Rev. Solvoll actualized Bethany’s vision of service throughout his

entire life. Since the establishment of Bethany Home in 1963, its service has continued for 50 years. In 1991, it was registered as a Non-Profit Organisation and was renamed as “Pingtung Christian Bethany Home”. Its mission: to work for the benefit of the intellectual and multiple disabilities people.


Our vision is: Serve the weak, Reveal God’s love, Be a blessing, Lead people to God.