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PCBH Growth and Development

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February 1963

A missionary from Norway, Rev. Arnulf Konradjul Solvoll, came to the tip of Hai-

hon, Pingtung with Jesus’ love. He adopted orphans and children with poliomyelitis

and founded Bethany Children's Home.


July 1973

With the sponsorship of World Vision, the ministry was renamed Bethany Children's

Home of World Vision Taiwan. Rev. Solvoll served as its founding director.


August 1974

Rev. Chen Min Zhe was appointed as the second director

- transitioned from adoption & care center to an education & care organization

- added vocational training such as printing, processing, packaging and sewing

Increased enrollment of children with special needs and offered special education


- produced gospel cassettes and radio programs for evangelism


March 1979

Rev. Liu Te Ching was appointed as the third director.

- standardized the qualifications of teaching staff; raised the quality of service;

expanded resources of sponsorship, established connections with communities and

sought for self-sufficiency


August 1983

Rev. Chang Zhen Rong was appointed as the fourth director.

- expanded tasks on site by adding daycare service and provided vocational training for the Intellectual Disabilities.

- purchased farmland for future use of educational therapies.

- applied aids from the Interior Department for various education items

- drafted application for aids from the Interior Department for facility renovations

- started application process for a change on land zoning from agricultural to

commercial usage.


August 1983

Rev. & Mrs. Arnulf Solvoll retired and handed the management of PCBH

completely to the Taiwanese people.


July 1, 1991

Registered as a Non-Profit Organization and renamed to “Pingtung Christian Bethany

Home” with its goal to benefit the people with mental and physical challenges.


March 1, 1993

First issue of Bethany Newsletter..


March, 1999

Elder Man-Hui Wu was appointed as the 5th

- Continued the process of changing from agricultural to commercial usage;

granted aids from the Interior Department for facility renovations and proceeded

with building design, bidding, and construction of the dormitory.


May 1, 2003

Rev. Luke M. C. Hsu was appointed as the 6th

- Continued the expansion and completion of the dormitory.

- Overall landscape including design, organize, develop and beautify the leisure

farm; renovated the “Plain Stone House” to support the vocational training for

marketing and management.

- Integrating all academic resources, building professional education system,

training professional team, upgrading the quality of service to meet the

international standard.


September 24, 2004

- Celebrated 40th new building.

- Opened a Training Range with lovely animals, started executing multi-therapeutic projects.


October 2005

- Received an honorable grade-A evaluation by the Ministry of the Interior Affairs on NGO for the Intellectual Disabilities.

- Renovated office building and tore down old fences and houses in November.



- Beginning the construction of Rev. Solvol Memorial Center

- Received an outstanding evaluation and ranked top 10 in the country for an

organization with multi-vocational programs.

- Received an honorable grade-A evaluation (the 7th

Department on not-for-profit organization for the mentally and physically



April 2009

The farm passed the inspection for organic farms and was authenticated by the Tse-

in Organic Agriculture Foundation.


18 December 2010
Dedication ceremony of the Rev. Solvol Memorial Center