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Thank you! Pingtung Bethany Home.


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by Grace Chuang, Kaoshiung American School

I'm so grateful for this opportunity at Bethany Home to learn more about helping people with mental disabilities. Though it was a short trip on our behalf, the volunteers and care workers at Bethany Home welcomed us and guided us with great patience and compassion.

During the trip, I learned a lot about keeping a positive mentality and outlook on life.

Just as we arrived at Bethany and got off the bus, the students there greeted us like long lost friends.

They came up to us and hugged us, smiling so widely, making me smile back immediately as well.

During group activities, their enthusiasm for trying out new things surprised me.

They were eager to learn the words and movements to "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes".

They liked to dance, even if some were limited by their disabilities.

Overall, they were delighted by the smallest thing that may appear normal, or granted, to us, and I appreciate their enthusiasm for life.

I hope to adopt this attitude as well.

From the students, I can see my own strengths and weaknesses. Patience and cooperation skills are important traits to have.

It takes patience to understand what the students are trying to convey through their hand gestures and limited vocabulary.

At Bethany Home, we needed to work together with the other volunteers to develop an efficient way of feeding the students, helping with physical rehab, catching bugs late at night in the fields, or making fly traps in the lemon tree farm.

All these activities at Bethany are difficult to experience anywhere else, and I'd love to return to this blessed family of warmth and laughter if I ever have the chance. Thank you, Bethany Home!
這些在伯大尼之家的種種活動都是在其他地方難以體驗的, 如果我有機會的話,我很願意再次回到這個被祝福且充滿歡笑的溫暖大家庭。謝謝你們,伯大尼之家!